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Good content engages your customers with a clear and focused message.  As a native English copywriter, I can articulate your story so it resonates with your customers. My concise copywriting style works for websites, content flows, apps, micro-copy and voiceovers.


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Copywriting, storytelling

Words and storytelling can build your brand, engage your customers and move them to action. Have written for apps, e-commerce, product launches and corporate websites.

Technical writing

A good technical writer can explain complex ideas and technologies in a clear and helpful way. Have written how-to manuals, online help systems, product sheets and system generated mails.

Information architecture

Today, attention spans are measured in seconds. I can simplify the structure of your information so people can complete their tasks quicker.


Sometimes the spoken word is the best way to tell your story. Have written voiceovers to describe a software product, explain a complicated technology and promote a good cause.

Style guide

Your brand needs to speak with one voice.  A style guide helps you achieve consistency in style, tone-of-voice and messaging across platforms.

don seidenberg

Don Seidenberg

My name is Don Seidenberg. I’m a freelance copywriter living in Amsterdam. My passion is making complex products and applications easy to understand and use. Achieving simplicity is at the heart of everything I do.  Hence my Twitter name: @clarityguy.


For the last 15 years, I have specialized in online content with a focus on technology. My writing can inform, persuade and improve the user experience. My experience includes: apps, corporate sites, branding, product launches, e-commerce and technical writing. I also write brochures, product sheets and voiceovers.


When inspired I blog about clarity, web content and user experience.


what clients say


“Arguably one of the most difficult things in creating new businesses is finding the right words to express – often – abstract ideas in clear and clean language. Don has been extremely helpful in guiding us in the right direction through his writing and editing. He asks the right questions and is able to find the right tone & voice.”


Bob Luijt, Founder SEMI Network (ING Innovation Studio)





“We needed a copywriter who is very flexible and can deliver high-quality content very quickly. This is especially important for an early stage and fast-changing technology company like ours. 


Don’s strength really lies in his ability to communicate complex content very clearly and to the point. He truly understands the fundamentals of our software niche business. With this knowledge, Don can easily bring clarity to relatively difficult technical concepts. Crucial for an innovative technology company bringing a new concept to the market.”


– Bram van Esch,  Fundrbird CEO




“Don worked with us at AG5 on two big projects. First, he worked with us on the international version of our new e-commerce website. Don is very good at improving the flow of the customer journey and getting everything in clear US English.


Second, he worked on the backend and helped us improve the way we structured information in our online software tool. Don’s critical eye and sharp questions made for pleasant teamwork and improved the product overall.”


–  Jochem Manders, AG5 Project Manager




“I asked Don to help us write a brochure for the international corporate banking market. I was very pleased with the way he proceeded. He asked the right questions to come to the heart of the message and knew how to put himself in the position of the target market.


When we started rebuilding our website I asked Don again because he can write to the point and clear. He also has knowledge of how a website will be read best. Apart from his knowledge and expertise I find Don a very pleasant person to work with, he is honest, correct, precise and he really adds value. Thanks to Don I was able to finalize the project in time and with a good result.” 


–  Susanne IJsenbrandt, ING Comms Manager

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