Five steps to better web content

content strategy for the web

It’s time to start treating web content like a valuable asset. You can’t cut and paste your way to web content happiness. To benefit from your content, your company needs to have the right processes in place.

In Content Strategy for the Web, Kristina Halvorson outlines five steps to get you started.

1. Do less, not more – Focus on what is useful. Eliminate content that does not support a key business objective or help a customer complete a task like booking a flight. Less content is easier to manage and easier to use.

2. Figure out what you have and where it’s coming from – Content strategy is complicated. Planning to create, deliver and govern content requires input from different people. Do an audit of all your web content. Then evaluate the usefulness of all content.

3. Learn how to listen  – Do some serious listening. Ask everyone involved in the content process about their daily needs and challenges. And don’t forget to ask your customers what they need.

4. Put someone in charge – Empower someone to make decisions on what needs to be created, how it will get online and what happens to it once it’s live.

5. Ask why – It’s easy to publish content but should you? Only publish something if you have a good reason.

Having the right processes in place makes good content possible. So ask yourself what content do we need and why. And remember if you’re looking for web content happiness, less is always more.

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