Obama gets personal with tweets

Franklin Roosevelt did it with radio.  John Kennedy with television.  And Barack Obama with social media.  You see, mastering a new technology and becoming US president is nothing new.

Barack Obama excels in Twitter.  His tweets about domestic policy connect with voters in a very personal way. When announcing student loan reforms, he tweets about Karlene and how his program will make life easier for her and her family.

Other tweets encourage citizens to get active.  In one tweet, he encourages voters to put pressure on senators to pass the “Veterans Can’t Wait Job Bill.”  Another tweet is about George and his mom going door-to-door to register new voters.  Obama shows how we can put others in the spotlight and use tweets as a call to action.

Unlike radio and tv, social media is a young technology.  It is evolving and there are still many lessons to be learned.  If you want to improve your tweeting skills, keep a close eye on Obama’s tweets.  I know I will.

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