Storytelling starts with a clear strategy

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If you want your idea or message to stick, nothing beats a good story.  People relate to stories and gladly share them with others. President Obama uses storytelling to connect with voters in a personal way.

Storytelling can make your website more personal.  You need to start with a clear content strategy that defines your target groups, key messages and business objectives. Then build a story that connects those dots.  Here are two examples:

 Case study – To attract new clients, tell stories don’t sell features.  A case study is nothing more than a story that shows how your product or service solved a problem.  You can discuss the problem, the challenges and how your product or service made a big difference.

Career section of websites – To attract top talent, go beyond simple job listings.  Let workers tell their personal stories to new recruits in a video.  They can address issues important to future employees like career growth, corporate responsibility and diversity.

Potential clients and new recruits relate better to storytelling than corporate happy talk. That means there’s a better chance they will actually listen to your message.  In the coming months, President Obama will use storytelling in his re-election bid. This is an excellent opportunity to observe, analyze and learn.

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