Attention, the only currency that matters


We are drowning in an online sea of information.  Online attention is the only currency that matters.  To succeed in this world of limited attention spans, clarity is critical.

When people visit your site, you have their attention for a few seconds.  Create a user experience that recognises the value of every second.  Here are six things to consider:

1. Good design – For many prospects, your site is their first introduction to your company.  Your design needs to present you in a positive light.

2. Navigation  – Plan your navigation from the perspective of the visitor.  If your navigation is clear and easy to follow, there’s a better chance people will find what they are looking for.

3. Clear message – The clearer the message, the quicker the visitor gets it.  If you are selling services, make sure the value you add is very clear.

4. Useful content  – Only publish content that is useful to your visitors.  Get rid of all self-promotional copy that provides no useful information.

5. Images  – If there are too many images on a screen, there’s a good chance your visitors miss the good stuff.  Make sure your images help tell your story or serve a useful purpose.

6.  Telephone – Sometimes people have questions.  Supply a phone number that’s easy to find.  Expecting someone to visit your FAQ section is a recipe for frustration.

Takeaway  –  Someone’s attention is a valuable currency.  Don’t waste it. Make it easy for people to have a short and pleasant visit.  Don’t let a lack of clarity get in the way.

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