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I help start-ups, scale-ups and corporates solve business problems. My experience spans many industries and niche markets. To view my work, click a logo or scroll down.

scaling faster is a venture capital firm made up of engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists. They invest in the innovations of hardware start-ups that solve complex problems. Their advice and guidance help these start-ups transform their technologies into products that can scale faster. I wrote: their slogan, video voiceover and website copy.


selling and leasing cars online is disrupting the used car market in Europe. They sell, lease and finance cars online. Their platform has been used by over 1 million people. I introduced conversation to humanize the customer journey and brand. Deliverables: sales funnels, content flows, how-to animations, web pages and microcopy for 4 digital products.

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talking about eye care


Philips Lighting is the world lighting leader. This website is for consumers interested in switching to LED bulbs. It talks about eyecare and light that is easy on your eyes.



launching a new identity

Philips Lighting has a new name and corporate identity. The company is now known as Signify. For their new corporate website – I wrote the home, about us and product pages. I also created the concept and wrote the copy for their HR website.



streamlining investor relations

Fundrbird helps private equity and venture capital funds streamline their investor relation processes. My challenges: help define the brand and improve the user experience. Deliverables: micro-copy, product tour, sign-up form, call-to-action buttons and system generated emails.



improving the sales funnel sells, leases and finances cars online. Their sales funnels are lengthy. To improve the customer experience, we informed users what to expect so they could prepare themselves before entering the sales funnel.


selling software online

AG5 Skills helps organizations schedule, track and report on their employees’ safety skills. My challenge: help bring a local product to an international audience.  Deliverables: write voice-over and website copy, create product names and improve the information flow in the back-end.


increasing productivity

Elsevier’s SciVal is a big data application, which helps universities increase their research productivity. My challenges: design an intuitive navigation, define writing style and tone of voice and create over 80 pages of content.


improving the customer journey

NXP is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world. The goal of my work was to improve conversion and lead generation. Deliverables included writing and designing: the myNXP environment, a sign-up form, pop-up banners and a newsletter template.


a plea to world leaders

As part of the Millennium Development Goals, 189 world leaders promised to end extreme poverty, reduce childhood death and ensure that all children could attend school by 2015.


Remember 2015 is an initiative to remind world leaders to keep their promise.  For this project, I wrote the video script, a petition to be presented to world leaders and the website copy. The video was filmed in the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations.



making the complex simple


AEC Maritime developed a green scrubbing technology, which reduces harmful sulphur exhausts by more than 99%.  I wrote the script for this voice-over, a brochure and a PowerPoint presentation for their marketing director.



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