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My copywriting and UX writing can help solve your business problems. Scroll down or click a logo to see my work. 

reducing complexity


Catawiki connects passionate buyers with sellers of special objects in online auctions. Every week, Catawiki offers over 65,000 objects.  My UX writing responsibilities included payments, seller reporting and shipping. Here is a flow I wrote, which simplifies the payment process for auction winners. My flow guides and reassures the winner with clear, concise and helpful copy.


selling and financing cars



CarNext made it easy to buy a used car totally online. Their B2C platform was used by over 1 million people. I wrote complex multi-stage sales funnels to buy, lease and finance a car. I also introduced conversation to add personality to the brand and customer journey.

Deliverables: sales funnels, content flows, how-to videos, web pages and microcopy for 4 digital products.




Adidas CONFIRMED is an app-based e-commerce channel for sneakerheads. Sneaker drops and a webshop are combined with exclusive content. For their loyalty program, I simplified and added personality to their onboarding flows and interfaces. I also wrote the winning presentation for the adidas innovation hackathon.


scaling faster is a venture capital firm made up of engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists. They invest in the innovations of hardware start-ups that solve complex problems. Their guidance helps these start-ups transform their technologies into products that can scale faster.

Deliverables: slogan, video voiceover and website copy



attracting talent


Weaviate is a search engine that uses AI and machine learning to search in a completely new way. They needed to attract and hire highly skilled tech workers in a very competitive market. Making people feel valued and creating a sense of community are important parts of their story.



increasing data accuracy


Fundrbird helps private equity and VC funds increase the data accuracy of investor reporting. Their SAAS platform also ensures compliance with industry guidelines and streamlines investor communications. My challenges: define the brand, add personality and tell a compelling story.



selling software as a service


AG5 Skills helps companies schedule, track and report on their employees’ safety skills. My challenge: help bring a local product to an international audience. Wrote product tour video and website copy, created product names and improved information flow in the back-end.

improving research productivity

SciVal is a SAAS analytics solution that enables universities to improve their research productivity. Universities can quickly make strategic decisions, find collaboration partners and attract talented researchers. My challenge: design and write an intuitive online help section for deans and department heads.


Deliverables: create navigation, define writing style and write 80 pages of instructions.



bridging east and west


Lanterns symbolize hope, joy and celebration. Taiwan Lantern redesigned the traditional Chinese temple lantern for Western homes and interiors. Five to six artisans handcraft each lantern using locally sourced and sustainable materials. For their webshop, I wrote the copy and product descriptions.


engaging customers


Channel Affairs prides itself on creating tailored CRM software projects. They help companies simplify their digital processes to improve customer engagement. I wrote their website copy, which included 3 case studies.


improving how we cook


Sold in over 20 markets, ASKO Combi-Ovens are crafted with a passion for detail. By connecting these ovens to the internet, users can improve their cooking skills. I wrote the user interfaces for the onboarding, cooking and oven cleaning flows. In addition to naming features, I guided users with clear and concise information.

Here you can see the onboarding flow.


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